Espresso Point machines are easy to use!

Espresso Point will provide you with the best and fastest cup of gourmet coffee you have ever tasted. Instead of spending your coffee break making a pot of coffee for the office, you will actually be able to use your break to enjoy a spectacular cup of coffee!

These machines are fast and effective.

Here’s how it works….

Center your cup on the grill in the recess. Insert a disposable cartridge in the receptacle and push the door shut until you hear a "click".

To begin brewing, press one of the program buttons on the top panel. The machine will stop automatically. You can manually stop the machine at any time by pressing the red STOP button.

For cappuccino, pull out the steam wand and fill a regular coffee cup one-third with milk. Press the Steam button and submerge the wand into the milk to begin frothing. When done, press the red STOP button on the top panel.

Spent cartridges are automatically ejected into bottom receptacle. Simply empty the drawer periodically.

Other beverages (regular tea, lemon tea, hot soup, etc..) are prepared just like espresso, using the appropriate cartridge. It’s that simple!


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