Espresso Point was designed with offices and food services in mind, and it is VERY affordable.  S&M Food Services offers you the opportunity to receive an Espresso Point for use at no cost and no risk with a minimum monthly order of coffee.


Perfect for any occasion and user-friendly, compact and extremely versatile, this machine makes all of Lavazza’s different coffee blends and other beverages as well. This model is available with a connection for a Gettoniera (Coin Acceptor).


A revolutionary system designed to simplify the process of making cappuccino. A fabulous method using disposable capsules filled with Lavazza premium coffees, then automatically ejects them in a collecting drawer, where they can be disposed of or recycled. It is the cleanest, quickest, easiest way to obtain professional-quality cappuccino.


The entire body is made of durable, chrome-plated stainless steel. Elegant gold accents and original design make Espresso Point a true work of art, at home on a bar counter, a conference room or a busy office area.


The self-contained capsules eliminate the need of gaskets, filters, and diffusers. Making this unique system a truly portable hot beverage center.


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